Sudhanshu Mittal : Sudhanshu started his political as well as business career at a very young age. A firm believer in bringing about social, political and economic change and blessed with a sharp political and administrative acumen he has time and again suggested workable solutions for the ills affecting our system. His multi-dimensional personality has enabled him to chart out his life successfully in many directions.



Being a political activist who has observed the political and legislative processes quite closely, Sudhanshu Mittal has at various forums displayed an in-depth understanding of the lacunae facing the politico-legal framework. He envisions an India where:

Laws are enacted with a set revision date: 

There are a vast number of statutes


In The News

The Data Man, India Today

Sudhanshu Mittal’s biggest asset is that he is a walking talking poll data base. 

Both Coca-Cola and Pramod Mahajan do not reveal their winning formula,” the late BJP leader once said when asked about his electoral strategies. Sudhanshu Mittal, however, was both Mahajan’s worst-kept secret and his winning formula. If Mahajan had the flamboyance, Mittal had the flair.