Policy paralysis ended in 2014, New growth story to begin in 2015

As we enter the year 2015, India is sitting on the threshold of a major growth trajectory, courtesy credibility of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the way he is leading from the front on the twin fronts of governance and development. From “Make in India” to “Skill India”, the NDA government has launched a host of porgrammes to end the policy paralysis which we suffered under the UPA’s misrule.

Even the BJP’s detractors now agreee that the extraordinary level of energy and strong commitment demonstrated by the Prime Minister through his action-oriented approach are proving to be major catalysts for the turnaround of the economy. Fired by the passion for building a strong, propserous and equitable society, the Prime Minister and his colleagues have been working overtime to achieve the targets. The BJP’s emphatic victories in Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Haryana and its brilliant performace in Jammu and Kashmir demonstrates the huge support of the people of the country for the performance of the Modi government.

One of the biggest achievements in the year 2014 for our country has been the “Change in work culture” brought single handedly by the Prime Minister as he has geared up the massive administrative structure of the country towards welfare of the common man. After a long time we have witnessed a significant increase in productivity of the Parliament despite attempts by the Opposition to disrupt the proceedings.

The commitment towards carrying out the much needed reforms was displayed by the ordinances promulgated after the Opposition tried to stall those legislations in the winter session of the parliament, which are likely to fuel India’s economic growth.

Whether it was Prime Minister’s US visit or the country’s fearless and nationalistic stand in climate change summit and World Trade Organisation, we witnessed a resurgent and confident India in 2014. Rarely has India displayed such confidence in the past at the global stage which it did under the leadership of Sh. Narendra Modi. All major international rating agencies have improved India’s ratings over the last six months leading to increasing inflow of foreign investments. The global business community is queuing up to make India their most preferred destination. The growth in the core industries is looking up, inflation has been tamed bringing much awaited relief to the common man and the time-bound implementation of programmes have become the hallmark of all government departments.

In 2015, we are going to witness many more aspects of the “New India” story which started unfolding after May 16, 2014 when BJP won a historic majority in Lok Sabha on its own. The intentions and the directions of this government are clear and their policies are focused on realising the dream of taking India to the top. Let us all join together hands to realise this dream and make year 2015 a milsestone in India’s journey towards becoming a role model for the rest of the world.


Sudhanshu Mittal : Sudhanshu started his political as well as business career at a very young age. A firm believer in bringing about social, political and economic change and blessed with a sharp political and administrative acumen he has time and again suggested workable solutions for the ills affecting our system. His multi-dimensional personality has enabled him to chart out his life successfully in many directions.



Being a political commentator who has observed the political and legislative processes quite closely, Sudhanshu Mittal has at various forums displayed an in-depth understanding of the lacunae facing the politico-legal framework. He envisions an India where:

Laws are enacted with a set revision date: 

There are a vast number of statutes


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