Being a political commentator who has observed the political and legislative processes quite closely, Sudhanshu Mittal has at various forums displayed an in-depth understanding of the lacunae facing the politico-legal framework. He envisions an India where:

Laws are enacted with a set revision date: 

There are a vast number of statutes

 and provisions in the Indian Penal Code that have outlived their utility and have become like dead-letters in the Indian Constitution. Some of them are nearly a century old and need to be obliterated with immediate effect. In his view, all laws that are enacted in future should be revised after a pre-defined period.

Superintendent is made responsible for the acts of the Subordinate.

Most scams and mayhems that have rocked India’s political landscape have had one common attribute. They occurred or were allowed to occur because the higher officials ignored, or chose to ignore, the bungling of the officials at the lowest rung of the bureaucratic chain. To rectify this malady, India should overhaul the bureaucratic framework in such a way, that the superintendent is made responsible for the acts of the subordinate and accountability will follow.

There is a divorce between Law-Making and Governance

As in the US, India should also engender a framework where law-making and governance are clearly demarcated functions to be performed by a separate set of entities. Presently in India, law makers also take the added responsibility of governance, which leads to a scenario where laws are enacted to suit the requirements of law-makers leading to flawed legislation that makes a mockery of the judicial system.

An Amended Uniform Civil Code

The Uniform Civil Code that governs the life of every individual should be amended to define a strict time-period of deciding a case. Moreover, the quantum of punishment for petty crimes and heinous crimes should be vastly different unlike the present system where the punishment for killing one person or hundred people is the same.

There is a Political Accountability Law that penalizes politicians for non-performance and dereliction of duty.

At present, the Indian Constitutional framework does not have any penalty clause to punish politicians who fail to deliver on their pre-election promises. This is the primary reason for all the ills that have plagued Independent India till today. If a political accountability law is put in place it will go a long way in changing the attitude of the politicians who have made such a mess of the country in the first place.