Sudhanshu Mittal : Sudhanshu started his political as well as business career at a very young age. A firm believer in bringing about social, political and economic change and blessed with a sharp political and administrative acumen he has time and again suggested workable solutions for the ills affecting our system. His multi-dimensional personality has enabled him to chart out his life successfully in many directions.

As a political commentator he has been loyal to the BJP’s core ideology while providing his own inputs in the form of psephological expertise and providing key strategies for various elections happening in the country. His is a popular face on various political debates on National Television, blessed with strong articulation skills in both Hindi and English he can be seen defending and vociferously arguing in favor of his party and providing insight into wide ranging issues.

Born in a business family with roots in Uttar Pradesh, he has lived in North Delhi, including Ashok Vihar and now stays in New Delhi. St.Xavier’s School was his Alma Matter and then he went on to complete his graduation from the prestigious Sri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University.

His foray into politics started in College and he went on to become the President of DUSU,during his stint he strived hard for educational reforms. He joined the Janta Vidhyarthi Morcha and then because of his dynamism was inducted to the State Executive of Delhi BJP, in 1984 he was made the President of JVM.

Along with his political activities he was also managing his family business, the Delhi Tents and Decorators. There are many achievements associated with this venture, one of them being to provide logistics for the Oscar winning movie ‘Gandhi’.

A chance meeting with Mr.Pramod Mahajan, who became his Marg Darshak made him a loyal soldier of the BJP. He worked within the BJP Organization to strengthen it. His phenomenal contribution has been in providing a database of voters from every nook & corner of the Country, along with providing electioneering a scientific basis through psephology and extensive research. Sudhanshu is generally perceived as one of the pioneers in the field of political Surveys and Opinion polls in the country, the first one to use large sample size for surveys so as to get accurate pesphological predictions and use Google mapping to map out the constituencies. He has mapped each and every village, tehsil, talukaand district in the Country along with its political and demographic history. This gigantic database along with his political analysis helps the BJP in electoral victory.

Sudhanshu along with his various activities, is lover of arts, music and theatre. He has acted in many plays. A complete Man, he is a good son, brother, husband, father and a friend par excellence. A humanist he has always striven to make a difference to everything he comes across with his expertise, vision and humanity.