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Sudhanshu MittalI was looking forward to the Budget proposals with great anticipation. It was one more opportunity to confirm the reputation that Arvind Kejriwal had earned for himself. The Chief Minister of Delhi is known for making big promises, and the budget was once again, an occasion to live up to such credentials.

Let me be very categorical, the citizens of Delhi had voted with great hope and expectation that the AAP leadership would bring about serious change in governance, to improve the living conditions in the city. The budget proposals only add to the hope without giving any clarity on the measures that need to be taken to achieve the desired results.

The key point here is the tax collection target for the current fiscal. The target for the current fiscal is 30 percent higher than the tax collected in the last fiscal. Let me inform you that the growth in tax collection in the previous fiscal was only 2.64 percent.

The question that arises is, how prudent is it to plan the expenditure on a growth figure which has not happened even once in the last 4 years? The economists and financial experts opine that there is hardly any change in the economic scenario to suggest that a growth of this magnitude can happen this year.

Delhi needs better educational and health facilities but the hike in expenditure that is proposed, can be met only if the growth in revenue is achieved. The consensus is that Delhi is moving towards a fiscal deficit.

Delhi does not need big announcements but a plan to solve the problems faced by the citizens. Does the Arvind Kejriwal government have the capability to effectively implement the various measures they have proposed in the budget? This is the question that experts are asking. It is a valid concern as experience shows that the chief minister had to run to the terrace to save himself from his own people when he held the so-called Janta Durbar.

The hike in entertainment tax and luxury tax has only hurt the feelings of the aam aadmi of Delhi. The cost of consumption will go up for everyone. Also, the increase in VAT will be inflationary as it will increase the cost of petrol and diesel leading to an increase in prices of essential goods and services. The 50 crore allocation to provide free Wi Fi across the city does not seem sufficient. Delhi has a very big and an active user base, I have my doubts if the government intends to offer anything meaningful for the citizens who have believed such a promise.

A very revealing characteristic of this government is the amount it has allocated for its publicity. Only a publicity-hungry politician, who always wants to remain in the news and has no scruples about misusing the taxpayers’ hard- earned money for personal glory, can come up with such a suggestion. I am appalled at the audacity of this government to propose such a misuse of public money when the poor people of Delhi are struggling to meet the basic needs for survival.

I am sure people in the city will track the developments and regularly remind the elected representatives of their promises. Delhi needs a very focused governance to solve the day to day problems being faced by the hard working people who have given such a massive mandate to AAP. They want to see the leaders amidst themselves solving the problems rather than watching them on television making tall claims and new announcements.



0 #1 Lakshay Jindal 2015-07-13 18:51
I think nothing could be better than this to enlighten the current scenario of Delhi but what according to you the massive bunch of Delhi people should do to tackle the current problem?

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